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Latest Technology

In-house lab - Crowns in an Hour with CEREC®

CEREC® is a computer-aided design and ceramic restoration system that allows us to create permanent restorations in our office. That means we can design, fabricate, and place an incredibly esthetic ceramic restoration in a single visit!

CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems.

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Computer Digital Radiography (CDR)

Digital x-rays can now be taken using sensors that transmit the image directly into a computer monitor. This larger image helps the patient understand the doctor's explanations more easily and enables the doctor to "zoom in" on a specific area of the tooth. An important advantage to this new technology is that it reduces the amount of radiation by 400%. Digital x-rays are also faster. The digital image only takes a second or two to appear in the monitor. In addition, this new technology is friendly to the environment since no chemicals are needed for developing the image. digital xray


Zap Laser

Pocket-sized Zap Styla delivers power and better patient care. Diode lasers are becoming a standard in dental care because of their affordability and effectiveness. Among the best values in dentistry, Zap Lasers’ affordable soft-tissue diode lasers have been leading the charge in this movement for more than 10 years. Now, with the availability of its new Styla MicroLaser™, Zap is poised to revolutionize laser dentistry once again and deliver the benefits of laser dentistry to even more dentists and patients.
Zap Laser


OralCDx represents a breakthrough in oral cancer detection, a test that will allow you and your dentist to improve the prognosis of a disease that has remained unchanged for the last 50 years.

OralCDx is the first computerized brush biopsy system. It allows dentists to quickly, painlessly and reliably detect oral cancer in its earliest, most easily treatable stage.

Originally developed as part of the “Star Wars” missile defense program, the OralCDx computer system includes a neural network-based image processing system specifically adapted to detect abnormalities unique to oral brush biopsy samples.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The cavitron is an ultrasonic scaler. Power scalers do a more thorough job in less time. This results in significantly decreased scaling time and healthier, cleaner teeth and gums. Hand scalers require repetitive scraping movements and are restricted to adaptation of only one or two sides of the instrument. In comparison, all four sides of a power scaler can be adapted, because the device moves in an elliptical motion. This comes in handy when removing stain and deposits from behind and between the teeth. Ultrasonic scalers are more effective in removing stain as well. The ultrasonic vibration helps control oral bacteria by breaking down the cell wall of the bacteria. The water used to cool the cavitron then helps to rinse away bacteria, stain and debris.

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera uses a tiny fiber-optic wand to easily take enlarged, vivid images of the inside of your mouth. This allows us to detect decay and cracked teeth in their earliest stages, thus requiring the least amount of treatment and better prognosis. We are also able to screen for oral cancer and detect changes at onset.

Prophy Jet

An advanced air polishing cleaning technology which uses air/water/pumice to gently remove stains and dental plaque while at the same time polishing the teeth.

Prophy Jet

Power Bleaching

For In-Office whitening, we utilize Dash™. Dash™ is a more affordable alternative to other types of in-office whitening. Dr. Ringland can whiten your teeth for about 1 hour using a unique 30% hydrogen peroxide formula.

Dash In-Office Whitening

Multi-Media Patient Education

Our treatment rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art patient-education DVD systems. If you are uncertain about a particular procedure, we will be happy to play the DVD video segment for you.


New technology in veneer fabrication allows us to perform dazzling transformations with minimal surface preparation.

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White fillings

Although white fillings have been around for a long time, the new materials can now be used in a wider range of applications allowing you to keep your smile as white as it can be!
White Filling